How we make $10,000 growing tomato plants.
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How to grow a new car

    Start out by buying 100 wild plum trees (serviceberry) and 100 eastern redbud trees and planting them 6 inches apart in 50 foot rows in your garden.
    In the spring of the following year cut the bottom out of 20 ounce pop bottles and place one each upside down on the biggest branch on each tree. Then fill with potting soil.
    In the fall, plant the new plants in the ground.
    Continue this process for 6-8 years.
    Call a local plant retailer and offer to sell them 1,600 pruned shaped trees for the price of a new car.
    I've got a 2023 Corvette growing in my back yard right now!!!!!!!!  

    I finally found the solution to having to pay quarterly sales taxes to the state. Only make one big sale every once in a while.
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